Top Technology

In pursuit of delivering optimal solutions tailored to the evolving needs of our clientele, we have diligently expanded our array of offerings by fostering strategic partnerships with software producers. These collaborations enable us to harness their expertise and experience in the development and optimization of software solutions for our clients.

We have actively sought out partners offering mature solutions that align with the requirements of our clientele. A fundamental condition of these partnerships is our capability to furnish comprehensive services, ranging from securing necessary licenses to providing implementation and support services. Moreover, we are keen on establishing partnerships that facilitate our involvement in research and development endeavors.

The significance of these partnerships cannot be overstated in the company’s trajectory. They afford us access to cutting-edge technology, substantial resources, and opportunities for enhancing the breadth and quality of our product portfolio.

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We take great pleasure in introducing our partners


Analytics Software & Solutions

SAS has over 40 years of innovation experience in data analysis. SAS is used in over 50,000 locations in over 100 countries, including 90 of the top 100 companies in the FORTUNE 500 for 2022. SAS allows you to transform data about customers, performance, financial situations, and much more into predictive insights that lay the foundation for solid and coherent decisions.



Cleafy offers innovative fraud prevention solutions based on patented threat detection and protection technology. Cleafy’s solutions provide adaptive, continuous, transparent security for users, independent of the application, and have been successfully adopted by millions of users from top corporate and retail banks to prevent online fraud.