Customized solutions for your business

Throughout our 15-plus years of operation, the T2 team has received numerous requests from clients for solutions involving the streamlining of information management with which they interacted and the optimization of workflows generated by this information.

Despite the diversity of solutions available on the market, such as DMS, ECMS, RM, RIM, DAM, DXP, we have dedicated significant efforts to research and development to create our own suite of solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our products are particularly focused on information management, aiming to support our clients' activities efficiently, without underestimating the importance of documents within an organization's workflow.

In this context, we aim to consistently achieve the objective of providing solutions with an optimal balance between quality and price. Therefore, we offer specialized expertise in implementing DMS, ECMS, DAM, RM solutions, either through our proprietary solutions or through the integration and implementation of solutions from other manufacturers.


We are aware of the importance of data management and the necessity of document automation in an increasingly dynamic and complex business environment, aspects that we address with care and expertise within our services.

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Efficiently optimize human resources management with an advanced workforce management solution.

DocIgniter Workforce Management is a comprehensive and dynamic software solution designed to optimize and enhance various aspects of human resources and workforce operations within an organization. This product integrates multiple functionalities to streamline tasks related to employee scheduling, time and attendance tracking, task assignment, planning and reporting, and overall workforce optimization.

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Enhance asset management efficiency with an advanced asset management solution

DocIgniter Asset Management  is a comprehensive software product esigned to optimize and improve operations for individual laboratories. The product provides robust support for various aspects of asset management and customer relationships in diverse fields of activity.

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Facilitates the execution of your monitoring tasks in a unified, efficient, and effective manner!

DocIgniter Control & Audit is designed for organizations engaged in control or audit activities in regulated fields, aiming to highlight discrepancies from references and enhance compliance with standards.