Empower your analytics in the cloud with SAS® Viya®

Establishing a solid analytics foundation for your organization is critical to meeting current needs and preparing for the future. For many businesses, navigating the complete AI and analytics lifecycle is a tremendous challenge. Our partnership with SAS, the world’s leading advanced analytics provider, provides access to SAS® Viya®, the fastest end-to-end analytics platform on the market and the only one that has all phases of the analytics lifecycle built in.

As a cloud-native AI, analytics and data management platform, SAS® Viya® makes it possible to integrate teams and technology enabling all users to work together successfully to turn critical questions into accurate, trustworthy decisions. With our partnership, you can access these capabilities and benefits on your terms – in the cloud and language of your choice.

Faster, more productive analytics

In the world of analytics, performance is literally money – but not all analytics platforms are created equally. SAS® Viya® is the unifying force that delivers significant analytics-driven productivity gains for your organization, including accelerated time to market, improved decision-making and significant cost savings. 

SAS® Viya® offers improved performance while uniquely lowering the total cost of ownership in the cloud. In a recent independent analysis, SAS® Viya® outperformed competitor AI/ML platforms with 30x faster processing speeds than the competition on average, representing 86% lower cloud operating costs. 

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What problems can we solve with SAS Viya?


Just with a request for upscaling or downscaling, you can match the need of your current system (works with the cloud native version of Viya 4)


The duration of the deployment process is considerably reduced to older Viya versions, and it can be done with ease, as with just a couple of clicks new instances can be deployed directly from the SAS console


As it relies on Kubernetes, Viya 4 demonstrates significantly improved cross-cloud portability, ensuring seamless deployment

Flow creation

Instead of doing multiple actions in different interfaces, the user is now able to include them as independent steps that can be connected and ran altogether from the same interface with the Viya 4 flow functionality

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4 steps to SAS® Viya®

SAS® Viya® automates the entire AI and analytics life cycle across data pipelines, model development and management, deployment, and execution. It is designed for ease of use so everyone, from data scientists to business users, can use it and realize value almost immediately.

With these four steps, we make the process seamless and put you on the fast track to value: 

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Customer stories

Supported by our SAS partnership and the SAS® Viya® platform, we can help meet the needs of organizations in practically every industry, from individual problems to enterprise solutions. Our experts have deep industry knowledge, understand your unique challenges and can accelerate time to value. No data problem is too big – or too small – with SAS® Viya®.

Here are just some of the companies we’ve helped tackle analytics problems and innovate faster:


Innovative solution for Romanian language sentiment analysis for the banking and fintech use cases. On top of Viya 4, it relies on custom made corpus and dictionary for the Romanian language. The project highlights the end-to-end process of model creation for the Romanian language, while also offering continuous support for the updating of the corpus and model

BNM – AML (Anti Money Laundering)

Solution for detecting fraudulent transactions for NBM (National Bank of Moldova). As the data is coming constantly from a multitude of sources, at different time frames, the project highlights SAS Viya’s capabilities to work continuously and without error with large volumes of data


A POC showcasing Viya’s capabilities to create an end-to-end data transformation flow, while providing statistical analysis on the data. Through this POC, the versatility of the Viya solution was highlighted, presenting an
easy-to-use visual interface, with minimal need for programming language knowledge and seamless integration.


A POC project showcased substantial enhancements in data management, predictive analysis, and streamlined data integration, offering a robust and agile framework for decision-making. It also featured a seamless transition from SAS 9.4 to SAS Viya 4, accompanied by ongoing technical support and specialized training

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