The product that enables the management of distributed assets for clients in an individual monitoring service

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DocIgniter Asset Management is a comprehensive software product engineered to streamline and enhance service provider operations. The solution offers robust support for diverse facets of asset management and customer relationships across various industries.

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Key functionalities

Tracking and Identification

Provides the capability to track and identify the activity of assets throughout their entire lifecycle, furnishing detailed information on their location, condition, and properties

Monitoring and Maintenance

Permite monitorizarea performanței activelor, inclusiv programarea și gestionarea activităților de mentenanță preventivă, pentru a maximiza eficiența și durabilitatea acestora

Lifecycle Management

Provides advanced tools for planning and efficiently managing assets throughout their lifecycle, from acquisition to optimization

Reports and Analysis

Provides robust tools for generating reports and analyses that offer visibility into asset usage, costs, and performance, aiding in informed decision-making and resource optimization.

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Features and product overview

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