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DocIgniter Control & Audit este product is designed for organizations engaged in regulatory control or audit activities with the aim of highlighting discrepancies against reference standards and enhancing compliance with these references. The product focuses on addressing challenges in control activities, namely:

  • Conducting control or audit activities uniformly despite fluctuations in personnel and varying levels of experience among staff conducting the activities
  • Proper categorization of non-conformities with regulations
  • Assistance in drafting documentation to avoid legal issues
  • Analysis of findings from audits to organize preventive actions or direct control activities
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Key functionalities

Document Generation

The product enables the generation of control or audit documents based on information entered by auditing staff, adhering to the regulated form. Information can also be retrieved from predefined catalogs or integrated from other organizational information systems. Some interdependent elements are automatically inserted, thus avoiding potential input errors and enhancing the efficiency of document drafting. The application is designed to be accessible and functional remotely, providing users with the ability to draft and generate documents not only at the workplace but also in other convenient locations

Aligning Findings with Regulatory Compliance

When configuring checklists for each monitored aspect, it's possible to indicate which regulation is violated (law article, standards, etc.) if the requirements are not met. Similarly, it's possible to define the correct wording of the finding to avoid interpretation issues in case of disputes with the inspected entity. Additionally, personnel can be alerted if certain violations fall into categories requiring additional actions (e.g., those subject to fines according to the legislation). Automatically generated non-conformities are created for findings of a certain severity, while others are left to the discretion of the verifier.

Dynamic Checklist

The product enables the configuration of checklists that are embedded into control or audit documents, outlining the necessary steps for personnel conducting the activity. These checklists and steps can be mandatory or optional as needed. Irrelevant steps are automatically excluded from the document. At each step, the individual performing the control activity records the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of requirements and provides observations or findings. This information is included in the integrated document. Maintenance of the configuration lists can be carried out by the beneficiary's staff. These lists, Excel files, are imported and adjusted by the product as required.

Data Analysis Based on Control Activity

All information gathered during inspections is aggregated into a data analysis tool, which highlights more frequently encountered situations as problematic or with a higher likelihood of occurrence. This, on one hand, can assist in directing control efforts, while on the other hand, preventive actions can be generated to mitigate potential non-compliances, thus enhancing effectiveness and efficiency. The reporting module also allows for the highlighting of activities carried out by the control personnel, eliminating the need for separately compiled activity reports.

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Features and product overview

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Product overview