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Innovative software product for sentiment analysis in Romanian texts

// Description

In the field of computational linguistics, Romanian is a less studied and utilized language. The purpose of the solution Sentitext was to enrich resources for the Romanian language by creating robust lexico-semantic resources in the form of affective lexicons or annotated corpora, which are used for sentiment analysis in texts belonging to the financial domain. These resources are intended for use by individuals working in banking institutions, private pension administrators, leasing companies, insurance companies, and fintech companies. However, the approach to this solution is designed in a way that provides a significant advantage, as it allows for the integration of new language modules from other specialized domains, such as the telecommunications industry, as well as other fields where detailed analysis of available text data is challenging due to the lack of such applications.


Key functionalities

Interactive and user-friendly graphical interface - The solution features an interactive graphical interface that is easy to use, employing point-and-click and drag-and-drop actions. This interface allows the user to utilize the solution without requiring specific knowledge

Text parsing automation - the solution automates the parsing of texts by utilizing concept files from the corpus, thereby obviating the need for user intervention

Sentiment analysis based on a Romanian language corpus - the corpus consists of a collection of concept files containing the words necessary for sentiment analysis. These files are categorized (for example, positive words and phrases, negative, neutral)

Descriptive Visual Reports - provides a variety of comprehensive and visually captivating graphical reports facilitating a deep comprehension of sentiment analysis findings


Caracteristici produs


Beneficiile utilizării soluției

Increase in sales revenue

Technological conformity to global standards

Continuous adjustment to new technologies

Improvement of crisis management

Decrease in risks within non-banking financial organizations by enhancing the ability to analyze each customer interaction

Increase in agility and responsiveness to market/customer needs

Streamlining the process of enhancing services/products in line with customer preferences

Discovery of new marketing strategies

Improvement of customer-oriented services/increase in customer satisfaction

Speeding up response actions to diverse unfavorable organizational situations