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Safework.Education is a learning platform based on open-source solutions, designed for teaching, learning, assessment, and communication
A complex modular system, it offers course authors a wide range of didactic options. Each installation of the platform can be individually expanded, thus tailored to organizational needs and integrated into existing IT structures. The architecture, designed for minimal resource consumption, scalability, and security, guarantees reliable operation.

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Key functionalities


Safework.Education incorporates a gamification component. This integrates game-specific elements (such as collecting coins) into the educational environment to stimulate student participation, engagement, and active learning. This approach aims to turn the learning process into a more captivating and motivating experience. Students can earn points or coins to reinforce their progress or for specific achievements.

Learning path and curriculum

Safework.Education is a comprehensive platform that offers a diverse range of tools for managing and optimizing the learning process, enabling control over various learning scenarios through two elements - the Learning Path and the Curriculum. While the Learning Path allows for micro-control within a course, the Curriculum module provides the structure of course sequences up to the completion of multi-semester courses.

Evaluation and Quality Management

Evaluations and surveys come as a standard feature in every learning management system. These can be utilized at the end of a course to assess participant satisfaction or at the beginning of a course for instructors to gather information about participant expectations, for instance. Safework.Education advances further by integrating full quality management, enabling assessments to be conducted throughout multiple courses or semesters.


eTesting in Safework.Education is no longer just a small testing feature within the course. Now, the eTesting functionality has been expanded to such an extent that Safework.Education can be used as a standalone testing solution. Certain institutions have set up a dedicated Safework.Education instance specifically for eTesting purposes. These setups are streamlined to activate only the pertinent testing functionalities.

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Features and product overview

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